At CENTURY 21, we know hard work and dedication when we see it. The CENTURY 21 awards system is designed to recognise the top 2% achievers each calendar year with our internationally recognised Centurion award. This is no easy feat to achieve as we have a hardworking and dedicated global sales workforce of over 200,000.

However, at CENTURY 21 we celebrate achievers at all levels and we believe our awards program inspires our team members to greater heights. The CENTURY 21 awards program allows our valuable agents to gain recognition from their peers on a local/regional and national ‘stage’, as well as those who achieve Centurion status and visit our Annual International Convention in the USA.

Each year, CENTURY 21’s achievers are recognised in our quarterly awards program which culminates in the presentation of our annual awards program.

Annual Awards Program

Each February, the CENTURY 21 awards program culminates with the gala event Annual Award presentation to recognise high achievers in the last calendar year. The major award categories include:

Centurion Status

Attaining Centurion status is the most prestigious sales award available to high individual achievers (Centurion Producers) and high achieving offices (Centurion Offices) based on minimum settled transactions.

Masters Program

The Masters program is our way of recognising mid-range achievers who are on the path to attaining Centurion status. For existing Centurions, becoming a Life Master at CENTURY 21 signifies an impressive journey of having achieved any five years of Centurion status.

Within the Masters program we also celebrate other award categories, including auction, property management, referrals, rookie, most improved, corporate image/marketing and support staff.

Quarterly Awards Program

CENTURY 21’s quarterly awards program is designed to recognise achievers throughout the year and incentivise continued dedication for sales and other categories. The four tiers of sales award status in the quarterly awards program include:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

A series of additional awards recognise other notable achievements.

Century 21 Plateau Lifestyle

E-Marketing Award
Use of innovative technology to market properties

#16 top agency in Australasia (Fourth Quarter 2016)

#20 top agency in Australasia (Second Quarter 2016)

Noel Outerbridge

2 x Double Centurion Recipient
(2015, 2016)

3 x Centurion Recipient
(2006, 2013, 2014)

4 x Masters Recipient

7 x Diamond Awards

11 x Platinum Awards

7 x Gold Awards

8 x Silver Awards

Runner-up Number 1 Sales Agent: 2015
(QLD and Northern NSW)

Number 1 Sales Agent: Third Quarter 2006

Number 1 Sales Agent: Third Quarter 2006

Diamond Awards

First Quarter 2017 – Diamond

Fourth Quarter 2016 – Diamond

Second Quarter 2016 – Diamond

Fourth Quarter 2015 – Diamond

Third Quarter 2015 – Diamond

First Quarter 2015 – Diamond

Fourth Quarter 2014 – Diamond

Platinum Awards

Third Quarter 2017 – Platinum

Third Quarter 2016 – Platinum

Second Quarter 2015 – Platinum

Second Quarter 2014 – Platinum

Fourth Quarter 2013 – Platinum

Third Quarter 2013 – Platinum

Second Quarter 2011 – Platinum

Third Quarter 2008 – Platinum

Third Quarter 2006 – Platinum

First Quarter 2006 – Platinum

Third Quarter 2005 – Platinum

Gold Awards

Third Quarter 2014 – Gold

Second Quarter 2014 – Gold

First Quarter 2014 – Gold

Second Quarter 2013 – Gold

First Quarter 2011 – Gold

Third Quarter 2010 – Gold

Fourth Quarter 2007 – Gold

Silver Awards

Second Quarter 2010 – Silver

First Quarter 2009 – Silver

Fourth Quarter 2008 – Silver

First Quarter 2008 – Silver

Third Quarter 2007 – Silver

First Quarter 2007 – Silver

Fourth Quarter 2006 – Silver

Second Quarter 2005 – Silver